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Enhanced Suite of Cybersecurity Protection

Cybersecurity serves the dual purpose of safeguarding both your customers and yourself against any malicious activity that may cause damage or interruption. Additionally, it enables the detection of security breaches and facilitates the mitigation of their effects, thus ensuring your continued protection.

24/7 Monitoring & Defense

We monitor network traffic for suspicious behaviour patterns throughout your organization. Using specialized tools, we use can detect and prevent what hackers are attempting to do before they have the opportunity to do so.

Enhanced Hardware

We protect your business from unauthorized access to critical data assets and personnel by securing your company’s network infrastructure.

End-to-end Threat Protection

We combine hardware and app-based solutions that include pentest-analysis and testing, password and access management, machine-learning AI, and monitoring.

  • Network-based firewalls
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management)
  • VPN/VLAN/Proxy Server Configuration Support
  • Router Security Alarms
  • Network Vulnerability Scanning & Testing
  • Hosted Spam Filtering Services
  • Network Assessment & Penetration Testing

What's Included in Cyber Security?

A cyberattack on average occurs every 39 seconds. That’s more than 2,200 attacks daily. Is your business protected from the ever-looming threat of would-be hackers?

Network Security

We help you to better protect your IT infrastructure by joining all of the data points from your security applications; providing a single pane of glass view of your network and cloud infrastructure.

DDoS Mitigation

Our DDoS detection mitigation service utilises industry best practices to support your organisation in the event of an attack. It starts to scrub incoming data, stripping out unwanted or hostile traffic and forwarding only legitimate traffic.

Application Firewalls

Our managed application security service provides ongoing protection for all your web-based applications; eliminating systems vulnerabilities and mitigating the risk of attacks on your hosting environment such as malicious bots and automated attacks.

Identity & Access Management

We help organisations to create and ensure access policies are applied across their IT estate; providing effortless access to end-users while ensuring critical applications and data remain protected.

Endpoint Protection

Reduce threats and management burden. Manage and identify vulnerabilities on your software and hardware inventory more easily with an intuitive dashboard giving you instant visibility of your IT estate and any active threats.

Advanced Threat Protection

Reduce cyber-attack threats by proactively scanning and managing vulnerabilities across your applications, servers and end-user devices. Attackers are looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit. Keep your IT estate protected and safeguard your organisation by minimising its attack surface.

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